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Book summary
Harpal Brar: Perestroika – the Complete Collapse of Revisionism
Perestroika – the Complete Collapse of RevisionismBuy a copy from our shop

In this short work, the author pursues two aims.

First, to explain the completely bourgeois and anti-Marxist-Leninist essence of the Gorbachev reforms, launched under the twin policies of Perestroika and Glasnost, allegedly for the purpose of renewing and strengthening socialism, which led to the collapse of socialism in the once mighty USSR.

Second, to explain, by reference to the wholesale revision, and downright distortion, of Marxism Leninism in the fields of political economy, philosophy and class struggle committed by the CPSU under the influence of Khrushchevite revisionism ever since its 20th party congress, the long process, which, over a period of more than three decades, resulted in the emergence of the Gorbachev leadership and the restoration of capitalism in the land of Soviets, the land of Lenin – the land of once triumphant socialism.

In short, the author makes an attempt to answer the most important question: namely, how was it that the USSR, which, at a time when she was incomparably weaker, could not be defeated by the interventionist armies of the fourteen countries, representing the combined strength of imperialism and its stooges, during the war of intervention following the Great October Revolution, and which broke the back of the powerful Hitlerite war machine, thus making the single most powerful contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany – how was it that the same USSR collapsed as a socialist state so ignominiously?

No one can deny the importance, for the communist movement, of finding a correct answer to this question. Only time, and further debate, will show whether the author has succeeded in providing a correct answer to it. It is to be hoped that this contribution will stimulate further discussion and debate, and thus lead towards a clarification of these questions, which are so vital for our movement's success.

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