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Harpal Brar: Imperialism – Decadent, Parasitic, Moribund Capitalism
Imperialism – Decadent, Parasitic, Moribund CapitalismBuy a copy from our shop

"If geometrical axioms affected human interests, attempts would certainly be made to refute them." (VI Lenin)

The above words of Lenin’s apply, with equal force, to his own thesis on imperialism, which is a further, and brilliant, development of Marxism in the conditions of the latest – monopoly capitalist – stage of capitalism.

Right from its inception, Lenin’s thesis has provoked the most rabid hostility and opposition – on the part of the ideologues of the imperialist bourgeoisie as well as opportunists in the working-class movement – for it has served to enlighten and organise the proletariat and the oppressed peoples in their struggle against the system of exploitation by one human being of another, and by one nation of another. It has served to make them aware that imperialism is moribund capitalism, which, by sharpening all the contradictions of capitalism, brings the proletariat face to face with revolution.

In this work, the author, by reference to the latest and irrefutable statistics and data, from sources with impeccably bourgeois and ‘respectable’ credentials (who cannot, therefore, be suspected of harbouring any sympathy for Marxism Leninism), proves that all the changes since Lenin’s day, far from contradicting him, have on the contrary been along the lines indicated by him in his epoch-making work on imperialism.

Reality everywhere persists in confirming the correctness of Marxism Leninism.

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