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Harpal Brar: Imperialism and War
Imperialism and WarBuy a copy from our shop

Wars waged by imperialism against the people of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and by its Israeli zionist agents against the people of Palestine and Lebanon, are no mere aberrations: they are the product of imperialism.

The worsening market conditions, the credit crunch, the slumping housing market, the plunging stock markets, the bankruptcy of some of the giant financial institutions – which are but symptoms of the crisis of overproduction – are exacerbating all the contradictions of imperialism and driving it to an endless war as the only solution to its incurable crisis.

Other imperialist wars will doubtless follow the wars raging presently, resulting ultimately in an interimperialist war for the redivision of the world, unless prevented by the proletarian revolutionary overthrow of imperialism.

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