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Red Youth: Statement of Aims: We Want Freedom (50p)
Statement of Aims: We Want Freedom (50p)Download booklet as a PDF

We stand for the control of working people over their own destiny. We understand that to control our own destiny, we need control over wealth in society; how it is produced and how it is distributed.

Since the real social wealth of our society is monopolised by a tiny clique of rich businessmen (capitalist imperialists), who control the major political parties, government policy, state institutions and media, we must work to get rid of the old undemocratic institutions, and form a new system that truly serves the people.

We declare our right to do so in the name of the desperately urgent needs and interests of the vast majority of working people in Britain, and the toiling masses of the world – by any means necessary!

Socialism will provide all with the opportunity to work, to contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing of society, and will give us all a just share in the fruits of our cooperative labour, which is the source of all society’s wealth. Until then, we demand of the capitalist class the right to work, the right to a living wage, and the right to a decent life for all workers. If the capitalists cannot fulfil these basic demands, they prove themselves bankrupt; unfit to administer society, and ripe to be overthrown!

Download booklet as a PDF
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