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Harpal Brar: Inquilab Zindabad, India's Liberation Struggle
Inquilab Zindabad, India's Liberation StruggleBuy a copy from our shop

There is a widespread myth spread by bourgeois historians that Ghandi and the Indian National Congress were solely responsible for achieving India's independence from the much-hated British Raj, and that they did it using only the message of non-violence, peaceful non-cooperation and civil disobedience.

The truth is quite the reverse. The heroes of the 1857 revolt, the Ghadar patriots, and Bhagat Singh and his comrades inspired and led the Indian masses in armed struggle as the best means of liberating their country from British colonial occupation.

Many thousands of ordinary people and many hundreds of revolutionary leaders made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of this noble cause. Their struggle is summed up by Bhagat Singh's popular slogan, "Inquilab zindabad!" (Long live revolution!), which electrified the Indian masses.

It is an insult to their memory, and to their self-sacrificing heroism, to credit India's independence to the most compromising, cowardly and obscurantist representatives of the India bourgeoisie.

All progressives, workers and peasants have a duty to honour these heroes, to perpetuate their memory and to learn from them in the continuing struggle against imperialism and exploitation.

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