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Harpal Brar: The Soviet Victory Over Fascism (second edition, £5.00)
The Soviet Victory Over Fascism (second edition, £5.00)Buy a copy from our shop

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The Soviet victory in the second world war shook imperialism to its very foundations.

The war itself was a product of the deep worldwide capitalist crisis of overproduction and of the consequent imperialist rivalry over territories, raw materials and sources of profit.

Meanwhile, following the October Revolution of 1917, a mighty force had been unleashed, as the collective creativity of the Soviet masses was harnessed for the development of society.

The victory of the USSR in the titanic struggles of WW2 were firmly rooted in the great technical and social advances that came from the Soviet peoples’ building of socialism.

Ever since that victory, the imperialists have worked unceasingly to distort and falsify these simple truths – in the hopes of hiding the intrinsically warlike nature of imperialism and of maligning the heroic sacrifices and the pivotal role of the Soviets in defeating Hitlerite fascism.

"The bourgeoisie," said Engels, "turns everything into a commodity, hence also the writing of history. It is a part of its being, of its condition for existence, to falsify all goods; it falsified the writing of history. And the best-paid historiography is that which is best falsified for the purposes of the bourgeoisie." (Material for the History of Ireland, 1870)

This shrewd observation of Engels' should be firmly kept in mind when judging the controversies raging between the proletarian and the bourgeois camps concerning the interpretation of the causes and the events that led to the second world war, of the role played by the imperialist camp on the one hand and of the socialist Soviet Union on the other and, finally, the results of this war.

These controversies are not merely concerned with our view of the past, important though that is. They are, more importantly, meant to influence and shape the future.

The imperialist ruling class can hardly be expected to admit that modern war is a product of, and inseparable from, imperialism; that tens of millions of people were slaughtered during the war in order to decide which group of imperialist bandits – Anglo-American-French or German-Italian-Japanese – was to have the greatest share in plundering the world; that the elimination of war is possible only through the complete elimination of the division of society into classes; that it is "impossible to escape imperialist war, and imperialist world which inevitably engenders imperialist war, it is impossible to escape that inferno, except by a bolshevik struggle and a bolshevik revolution". (The Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution by VI Lenin, 14 October 1921)

Moreover, the ruling classes of the imperialist 'democracies' were all complicit in the rise and strengthening of fascism – a fact that they cannot, for obvious reasons, be expected to own up to. This being the case, the ruling class of every imperialist country is obliged to falsify the writing of history, since actual history brings out in bold relief the genocidal and murderous nature of imperialism - this bloodthirsty monster that has spilt such colossal amounts of blood, reduced humanity to starvation, misery and degradation, and put the fate of human civilisation at risk.

The Soviet victory was a disaster for imperialism. If the first world war had ushered in the Great October Socialist Revolution and brought into existence the mighty USSR, the second world war gave birth to an entire socialist camp, which encompassed a third of the globe and a quarter of the world's population.

This second edition of our popular pamphlet has been produced to meet the very real need for some fact-based history. Only by understanding our past will we be able to successfully build a bright, socialist future, free from the entirely unnecessary scourges of poverty, disease and war.

Download this pamphlet as a pdf

Buy a copy from our shop
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