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Hands off Zimbabwe
Issued by: CPGB-ML
Issued on: 12 May 2008

The CPGB-ML resolutely condemns the interference of Britain and its imperialist allies in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe.

Big business in Britain is determined to effect regime change in Zimbabwe. Its motivation is not the protection of human rights – history amply demonstrates Lenin's dictum that “capital seeks domination, not freedom” – but the protection of the right of private property.

British imperialism and its allies, including the United States and a significant section of the white minority in Zimbabwe, seek to secure unfettered access to Zimbabwe’s mineral and agricultural wealth.

They seek to reverse the land reform programme, which courageously and vigorously addressed the gross inequality of land ownership in Zimbabwe. They seek to privatise all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy, leaving it open to complete domination by foreign capital. They seek to replace subsistence crops with cash crops.

Britain and its allies know that their aims cannot be achieved whilst the fiercely nationalist Zanu-PF government remains in power, and therefore every attempt is being made to unseat Zanu-PF and to promote the quisling Movement for Democratic Change.

Extensive sanctions have been applied to Zimbabwe. Ostensibly these are ‘smart sanctions’ targeted at a few individuals; actually they are a form of collective punishment designed to destabilise the country and shake the population’s faith in Zanu-PF.

The sanctions have brought about real economic hardship in Zimbabwe, and have been accompanied by the message that the government must be removed before the sanctions are removed. This is one of the imperialist states’ most favoured techniques for imposing their will, and has, sadly, succeeded in overturning Zanu-PF’s majority in parliament.

Britain and its allies have made every attempt to prejudice the results of elections in Zimbabwe. Millions of pounds have been pumped into the MDC in order to help it to power. During the 2008 elections, foreign NGOs were found to be advising voters that food distribution would stop if people voted for Zanu-PF.

Meanwhile, there was an international media campaign to support the MDC and its presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai. Long before the results were announced, the media were proclaiming victory for the MDC. By claiming that the elections were not free and fair, the various imperialist governments and press organs were pre-emptively justifying any attempted coup (and western support for it) by the MDC.

It is unfortunate (but not surprising) that the malicious campaign of lies about Zimbabwe has been supported – and in some cases preceded – by the fake left in Britain.

The CPGB-ML calls for an immediate end to all imperialist meddling in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe and to the demonising of Robert Mugabe and his party, Zanu-PF.

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