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WATCH THIS: October Revolution 100 -- Cuban ambassador to Britain (Proletarian TV, December 2017)
READ THIS: Brexit is maturing the conditions for Irish reunification (Lalkar, January 2018)
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EVENT: LONDON: Imperialism on Trial: Exposing war propaganda with Eva Bartlett: Wednesday 31 January, 7.00pm

Reserve your place now to come and hear first-hand accounts of Palestine, Syria and north Korea that cut through the lies of the warmongering imperialist presstitutes.    More info >>

Zionism book coverPAMPHLET: Zionism: A Racist, Antisemitic and Reactionary Tool of Imperialism

Zionism is not a jewish project; it is an imperialist construct – an instrument to perpetuate imperialist domination of the middle east. Its main purpose is to ensure continued imperialist control of the region’s oil and gas reserves.

Owing to the suppression of the historical truth about zionism, the wider masses, including the jewish masses, are unaware of the true nature of this pernicious ideology, which is racist, antisemitic and reactionary to its core.    More info >>

READ THIS: Zionism – a racist and anti-semitic ideology >>
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The Labour party in the unions is a wolf in sheeps' clothingLOCAL: The Birmingham Worker: Support for RMT members on strike in Brum

The Birmingham Worker calls on our supporters and friends to defend and lend their support to RMT rail workers who are out on strike. Strike action is a direct result of train management attacks on workers. If your train has been delayed, it is not the fault of workers, but of management.    Read more >>

READ THIS: Class Society in 21st Century Britain >>
Black Africans are being sold into slavery in Nato's LibyaLOCAL: The London Worker: No to slavery and Nato in Libya

We believe that all people are created equal -- yet around the world today our brothers and sisters are in chains. Our souls cry out in anger and pain when we see slave markets reborn in Libya in the 21st century. How has humanity arrived at this shameful and humiliating place?    Read more >>   Download the leaflet >>

WATCH THIS: Footage from the recent anti-slavery march >>
Proletarian: December January edition online

Proletarian, issue 81 TOP STORIES

Tribute to Comrade Robert Mugabe

Birmingham’s binmen conclude their strike ... for now

Editorial: Message to Birmingham’s bin workers

The Paradise Papers and corporate tax avoidance

GPs resisting wholesale privatisation of NHS surgeries

Stop academisation of our schools!

Syria moves forward

100 years since the Balfour declaration

Turmoil in the House of Saud

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