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Proletarian is the bi-monthly journal of the CPGB-ML. If you would like to receive a paper copy of Proletarian, or if you are able to assist in its distribution, or if you would like to comment on an article or issue, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Proletarian, issue 82

February 2018 (Issue 82)

> The collapse of Carillion
> NHS crisis bites deeper. Workers taste the bitter fruit of capitalist market ‘reforms’
> Editorial: What’s going on in Myanmar?
> Released cabinet papers reveal imperialist skulduggery
> Kim Jong Un’s new year address to the people of north Korea
> Syria: Liberation in sight
> Iran foils imperialist attempt to destabilise the country
> Trump’s proposed embassy move and the savage repression of Palestinians by the fascistic Israeli state
> Pakistan: the US’s loss is China’s gain
> Industrial matters: rich get richer
> Air pollution in Britain at scandalously high levels
> Blunt hatchets: the Guardian’s attempt discredit real journalism on Syria
> Trump: racist head of a racist imperialist state

Proletarian, issue 81

December 2017 (Issue 81)

> Tribute to Comrade Robert Mugabe
> Birmingham’s binmen conclude their strike ... for now
> Editorial: Message to Birmingham’s bin workers
> The Paradise Papers and corporate tax avoidance
> GPs resisting wholesale privatisation of NHS surgeries
> Stop academisation of our schools!
> Derek Robinson: the passing of a working-class hero
> Heads roll in Russiagate farce
> Maidan 2: history repeated as farce
> Media on trial
> Syria moves forward
> 100 years since the Balfour declaration
> Industry matters: Fighting the trade war harder
> Turmoil in the House of Saud

Proletarian, issue 80

October 2017 (Issue 80)

> October 1917: the defining event of our epoch
> Syria: the liberation of Deir Ezzor
> Editorial: The future belongs to communism
> Industry matters: fighting back against declining wages
> On the election result in Germany
> British media go all out to spread racism and islamophobia
> The ongoing decimation of the NHS
> The insanity of school league tables
> October 100: VI Lenin: Report on the tasks of Soviet power
> October 100: VI Lenin: To workers, soldiers and peasants!
> October 100: VI Lenin: The immediate tasks of the Soviet government
> October 100: JV Stalin: The tasks of economic executives
> Poem: You’re A Comrade Still
> Korea’s communist party turns 72
> Opposing imperialism in south Korea
> Why US media mourn death of Liu Xiaobo
> France heads for a winter of discontent
> Ukraine: Washington flirts with proxy war against Russia
> Venezuela stands firm against US imperialist aggression
> October 100: Greetings from the German communists

Proletarian, issue 79

August 2017 (Issue 79)

> Grenfell Tower: tragedy or crime?
> Labour council pushes ahead with housing segregation in Haringey
> Editorial: The housing crisis
> Binmen on strike in Birmingham
> The DUPing of the British government
> From the writings of Marx on Ireland
> Syria: liberation in sight
> What did the October Revolution do for us? 2. Housing
> Hong Kong’s return to China – 20 years on
> Saudi vs Qatar: thieves fall out
> Hillsborough 28 years on
> Industry matters: summer strike wave

Proletarian, issue 78

June 2017 (Issue 78)

> Not so strong and stable after all: May loses Brexit gamble
> Terrorist atrocity in Manchester
> Editorial: Our demands
> Obamacare: going, going ...
> The vultures of imperialist finance capital encircle Puerto Rico
> May Day in Sri Lanka
> Ukraine junta shoots itself in the foot again
> ‘Socialist’ McDonnell shocked by communists on May Day
> The fight-back of the low-paid
> Industry matters: ONS figures track decline in union militancy
> Syria: Russian peace proposal takes effect
> Palestinian hunger strike ends in victory
> Tribute to General Heinz Kessler
> Remembering Comrade Clement Murphy-Shaw
> Join the CPGB-ML’s annual anti-imperialist barbecue
> French elections produce ... more of the same!

Proletarian, issue 77

April 2017 (Issue 77)

> Martin McGuinness: 1950-2017
> Cloak and dagger: the operation to kill the NHS
> Editorial: Brexit moves ahead
> Education under attack
> Birmingham council in financial crisis
> Letter: So you want to be a hero?
> Newsflash: Bourgeoisie still dislikes socialism
> Film: I, Daniel Blake
> The rich still get richer and the poor still get poorer
> Stoke and Copeland byelections deepen Labour’s disarray
> Industry matters: Trade Union Act comes into force
> DPRK dismisses ridiculous claims of a chemical weapons assassination
> Syria: Palmyra liberated
> Rail blockade: a disastrous own goal for Ukrainian junta
> Destruction of the Amazon rainforest – a symptom of capitalism
> Birmingham meeting fosters internationalist unity with Sri Lankan comrades

Proletarian, issue 76

February 2017 (Issue 76)

> Liberation of Aleppo is reshaping the middle east
> Rail strikes: capitalism vs the workers once again
> NHS in the firing line
> What more can we do for Palestine?
> Ukraine discovers that EU association is a poisoned chalice
> Korean leader determined to preserve an optimistic faith in the future
> Syrian president: ‘defeat of the terrorists is the west’s defeat’
> Argentina’s disastrous return to ‘neo-liberalism’
> The US election hacking scandal
> What did the collapse of the USSR mean to us?
> What did the October Revolution do for us? 1. The NHS
> How the scabs were ditched, and other dirty laundry of 1989-90
> Northern Ireland assembly collapses in scandal
> Radical Voices: a curate’s egg of an exhibition

Proletarian, issue 75

December 2016 (Issue 75)

> Farewell Comrade Fidel Castro. Eternal glory to you!
> Trump’s victory: another blow at imperialism
> Severe rise of homelessness in Britain
> Inquiry denied for Orgreave
> Remembering Mehdi Ben Barka, African liberation fighter
> South Korea: land of the free?
> Reinstate the Topshop Two
> Ukraine’s millionaire junta
> Aleppo and Mosul: a tale of two cities
> What does Duterte offer the Filipino people?
> Venezuela: Petition for recall referendum fails despite fraud
> DPRK's fraternal solidarity
> SWP uses Comrade Fidel’s passing as another opportunity to slander socialism
> Saudi Arabia admitted on to the UNHCR while Russia is voted off
> Yes to Brexit; No to xenophobia
> Film: The Innocents
> The Fifa poppy ban

Proletarian, issue 74

October 2016 (Issue 74)

> Syria: Latest imperialist war crimes are aimed at saving Islamic State from defeat
> Jeremy Corbyn re-elected – Labour’s war set to continue
> Could Corbyn cure the crisis?
> Industry matters: The 'gig' economy
> TTIP: signs of division in the imperialist camp
> Ukraine: Poroshenko playing at peace
> A week with the Swedish young communists
> Fracking: new faces, same agenda
> Bolivia: reactionary revolt of the mining cooperatives
> Cuba ‘will not cease defending its revolutionary and anti-imperialist ideals’
> Cuba: the blockade remains in full force
> Remembering Comrade John Willock
> Peter Norman: the white man in that photo
> Remembering the Battle of Cable Street
> Post-Brexit threat of second Scottish referendum retreats

Proletarian, issue 73

August 2016 (Issue 73)

> After Brexit: what next?
> Chilcot report: a devastating exposure of the British establishment
> Editorial: Junior doctors vote to reject new contract
> Turkish coup: more fallout from the war in Syria
> The Scottish response to Brexit
> US imperialism’s military aggression is the major factor behind South China Sea disputes
> Strike wave hits France
> Industry matters: Cleaners' victory
> Crisis in the Labour party
> Venezuela: Maduro takes control

Proletarian, issue 72

June 2016 (Issue 72)

> No to the new doctors’ contract; save our NHS!
> Police lies revealed at Hillsborough; Orgreave must be next
> Maduro ‘ready to radicalise the revolution’
> ‘Anti-zionism is not antisemitism’
> Hedy Epstein, rights activist and holocaust survivor, remembered
> Syria consolidates her gains
> Industry matters: Unite says no to Brexit
> Ukraine: Eurovision circus but no bread
> Frack flak buried
> Reclaiming May Day for the working class
> Workers’ Party of Korea reaffirms its commitment to socialism
> Celebrating Shakespeare: a Marxist-Leninist perspective
> BHS workers facing loss of jobs and pensions

Proletarian, issue 71

April 2016 (Issue 71)

> Syrian patriotic forces advancing
> Attempted coup in Brazil
> Why British workers need a Brexit
> Budget 2016: attacking the poor will not fix the economy
> Public health: a matter of private profit
> Sea levels are rising faster than previously thought
> Socialist Korea refuses to be intimidated by imperialist sanctions
> Industry matters: TUC touts for the EU
> Letter: We need a council tax rebellion
> Ukraine: deeper into the quagmire
> The rise of Donald Trump: a revolt against the US establishment
> Joint enterprise murder convictions judged unsound
> Letter: Brexit – a historian’s view
> The rich are getting richer but fewer
> The 1916 Easter Rising remembered

Proletarian, issue 70

February 2016 (Issue 70)

> Floods in Britain: how capitalist profiteering is creating and exacerbating ‘natural’ disasters
> The march of the Saudi regime towards its inevitable doom
> New housing bill could pave the way for the final destruction of social housing
> Syria: resistance turns the tide
> Iraq: the axis of resistance and the liberation of Ramadi
> DPRK conducts successful H-Bomb test
> Striving for socialism, reunification and peace in Korea
> Ukraine: Kiev counts the cost of acting as catspaw for imperialism
> A Nobel prize for literature in the service of reaction
> Pat Adler: 1926-2015 – staunch communist and friend of China
> Pat Adler: Poems from the Chinese revolution
> Big Data is watching you: the snoopers' charter
> Disgraceful neglect of the disabled in Britain
> Health warning: capitalism kills
> Industry matters: pay ‘rises’ belied by decline in real wages
> On the New Year’s Eve events in Germany

Proletarian, issue 69

December 2015 (Issue 69)

> Criminal Turkish provocation drags us nearer to WWIII
> Junior doctors’ fight to save our NHS betrayed
> Paris terror attacks: Further proof that we need to overthrow imperialism
> Syria: Imperialism on the back foot
> Reflections on a first-time visit to Cuba
> Ri Ul Sol, hero of the Korean revolution (1921-2015)
> Ray Berbling: a life in struggle (1935-2015)
> Follow the road of Great October!
> Poem: Soviet Man
> The connection between the junior doctors’ contract and the US corporate takeover of the NHS
> Letter: Boycott the General Medical Council
> Industry matters: Steel industry in terminal decline
> VW emissions scandal
> Corbyn’s attempts to reform the Labour party rebound
> Brutal bombing of a Russian holiday flight by IS terrorists

Proletarian, issue 68

October 2015 (Issue 68)

> Who is to blame for the refugee crisis?
> Jeremy Corbyn: The ‘resurgence’ of left social democracy is likely to be shortlived
> The human cost of prisons for profit
> Editorial: Russia backs the Syrian people
> Health warning: Austerity kills
> Industry matters: Amazon unveiled
> Imperialism raises the stakes in Syria
> The last thing Lebanon needs is a phony ‘Arab Spring’
> Ukraine: Neither political chicanery nor naked aggression can save Poroshenko
> Book: Go Set a Watchman
> What did the Indian workers do for us?

Proletarian, issue 67

August 2015 (Issue 67)

> Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Left’ Labour’s great white elephant
> Greece: Syriza caves in
> Hypocritical imperialist double-dealing in Syria
> Turkish election ends Erdogan's majority
> Imperialist looting of Ukraine is ramping up
> US Party for Socialism and Liberation announces its 2016 presidential campaign
> Venezuela under attack as next election approaches
> A new victory for the Cuban revolution
> Industry matters: French ferry workers blaze a trail
> George Osborne’s vicious summer budget
> Benefit cuts: Who are the real parasites in our society?
> ‘Arming Apartheid’ report targets British arms sales to Israel
> Red salute to Comrade John Taylor
> Black and white, unite and fight!

Proletarian, issue 66

June 2015 (Issue 66)

> Election circus over, the class struggle continues
> Crunch time for Greece?
> Baltimore uprising reveals revolutionary potential of US working class
> General election results: The Scottish context
> Industry matters: Blacklisting rampant
> Imperialist-backed war on Yemen continues
> Idlib setback in Syria: Imperialism crows too soon
> We Are Many: New film prettifies leaders of the anti-war movement
> Theatre: United We Stand
> Ukraine: Anglo-US imperialism ratchets up its bellicose stand against Russia
> Seventieth anniversary of the victory over fascism

Proletarian, issue 65

April 2015 (Issue 65)

> ‘Least worst’ vs ‘don’t bother’. Should workers vote?
> Ukraine: Donbass resistance forces junta into humiliating retreat
> Letter: Who’s ‘playing games’ with our health service?
> Editorial: Our health is not for sale!
> MI5 and the jihadists: an unholy alliance
> Sinn Féin stands alone against austerity
> Poem: Birthday honours
> Iraq, Syria: imperialism is in a hole and digging
> Turmoil in Argentina as US imperialism struggles to regain its lost paradise
> US dockers’ struggle highlights the vulnerabilities of globalisation
> Industry matters: Workers fight back
> Stepan Bandera – the Ukrainian fascists’ ‘hero’
> TV: The Casual Vacancy
> Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – another challenge to imperialist hegemony

Proletarian, issue 64

February 2015 (Issue 64)

> Imperialism fiddles while the planet burns
> Syriza victory in Greek elections
> Editorial: The rich get richer
> Thatcher government’s machinations exposed
> On n’est pas Charlie
> Imperialism’s oil game
> What is wrong with devolution plans for English cities?
> Syria stands firm as the ‘opposition’ scatters
> Poem: Of Mine and Me
> UN folds in the face of zionist aggression in the Golan
> Comrade Kim Jong Un’s new year address
> Industry matters: City Link Christmas lay-offs
> Sinn Féin: The voice of all Ireland
> Kiev spurns ceasefire bid, intensifies attacks on civilians
> Cuba: US imperialism changes tack

Proletarian, issue 63

December 2014 (Issue 63)

> Syria: Terrorist collapse in Aleppo
> Burkina Faso: Upright once again
> Editorial: Let us continue our work and build real connections with the masses
> Human rights: DPRK vs USA
> Ukraine: Kiev junta drives headlong into economic collapse
> Scottish nationalism is a dangerous diversion. Fight for the unity of the British working class!
> Poem: False “friends of the people”
> Letter: Urgent need to ‘re-politicise the medical’
> Public health care – a vanishing commodity?
> End private, sectarian and religious schools. Quality education for all
> Book: Prosperity’s Predicament
> Industry matters: 'Harmonious relations' at the Royal Mail
> Dilma’s election will meet with fierce resistance from Brazil’s comprador class
> Art exhibition introduces socialist Korea to a British audience
> Theatre: Behind the Beautiful Forevers
> Twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall
> The murder of communists by Britain in 1946
> Oppose fracking: you’ve got to be red to be green!
> Divide and rule: EU immigration and UKIP
> Stand with Gaza, stand with Palestine. No cooperation with Israeli war crimes
> Solidarity with Syria and the axis of resistance
> Solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
> Hands off Ukraine
> Defend the People’s Republic of China against US-led imperialist aggression

Proletarian, issue 62

October 2014 (Issue 62)

> Islamic State: Frankenstein’s monster is out of control
> Scottish nationalism: weakening the working-class movement
> Editorial: Hong Kong democracy movement a tool of imperialist subterfuge
> NHS 999 march hijacked by Labour election campaign
> Disband the neo-Nazi Nato alliance
> Ukraine: resistance drives Poroshenko to negotiate
> Notwithstanding Israeli atrocities, Palestine will prevail
> No bargaining of national principles with US imperialism. Syria will win
> Industry matters: NHS divide and rule
> Poem: Willie McGuire
> The Calais immigrants are our class brothers and sisters
> Another government reshuffle in France
> Eurozone hits rock bottom
> Understanding sanctions as a means of economic warfare
> Spain taxes green energy production for the benefit of polluting multinationals

Proletarian, issue 61

August 2014 (Issue 61)

> Stand with Gaza!
> Ukraine: they shall not pass!
> Editorial: Who benefits from the shooting of the Malaysian plane?
> Nicaragua’s road to progress
> Brazil at the crossroads
> TV: Common
> Vulture funds swoop on Argentina
> Afghanistan: In imperialism’s bloody wake
> Industry matters: Simmering summer of discontent
> Malaysian airline disaster: what the evidence shows
> Isis: Imperialism gets tangled up in its own traps
> Zionism exposed at the root by US author Naomi Wolf
> Can capitalism be fixed?

Proletarian, issue 60

June 2014 (Issue 60)

> Ukraine referenda: the people speak
> UKIP: an exercise in misdirection
> Communist forces continue to grow and make their mark on May Day
> Thailand’s twelfth military coup
> Sinn Féin advances north and south
> Red Salute to Comrade Khwezi Kadalie
> Farewell to Comrade George Bennett, 1923-2014
> Industry matters: Labour a party of austerity
> Industry matters around the world: USA teamsters fight leaders as well as UPS bosses
> Theatre: Good People
> Criminalising the poor
> No cure for the intractable social problems and human misery created by capitalism
> ‘Workers are the gunpowder, education is the spark’
> Quantitative easing described as ‘Robin Hood tax in reverse’
> Rich List 2014: Poor man’s poison is a rich man’s meat
> Brazil 2014 – the people’s World Cup
> Why do we write for the workers’ press?

Proletarian, issue 59

April 2014 (Issue 59)

> Crimea goes home
> Reactionaries back on the offensive in Venezuela
> Editorial: The BBC lies
> World War Three in the making
> Syria: Proxy warriors in disarray
> Quenelle: ‘Up yours’ to the system and to zionist Israel!
> Irish peace process upheld
> Industry matters: Blacklisters in the dock
> Industry matters around the world: Migrant workers in Qatar face slavery and death
> Imprisonment of progressive MP exposes myth of ‘democratic’ south Korea
> Police racism is not a case of a few ‘rotten apples’
> A girl called Jack
> Women hold up half the sky
> Obituaries: Bob Crow and Tony Benn
> The Glasgow rent strike of 1915
> New Hospital Care Act gives health minister sweeping closure powers

Proletarian, issue 58

February 2014 (Issue 58)

> Syria: proxy war disintegrates into chaos
> Cabinet papers reveal the truth about the Great Miners’ Strike of 84/5
> Editorial: ‘Jokewood’ burns whilst barristers strike
> Delhi voters install anti-corruption chief minister
> Mikhail Kalashnikov – working-class hero
> Zionism and the House of Saud: an unholy alliance
> ‘The vast majority of Ukrainians don’t want this new civil war’
> Turkey: Erdogan’s AKP in deep trouble
> Korea: front line between socialism and imperialism
> Industry matters: Criminalising union activism
> Industry matters around the world: Amazon workers fight back
> Cuts, floods and climate change
> The destruction of legal aid is an attack on workers’ rights
> Anti-imperialist youth meet in Ecuador
> Cuban life indicators continue to rise
> Obesity as a symptom of malnourishment
> Cutting the NHS, killing its patients

Proletarian, issue 57

December 2013 (Issue 57)

> US retreat from Syria sends shock waves through the Middle East
> How do we defend the NHS?
> Editorial: Typhoon Haiyan – a disaster compounded by imperialism
> Why Mother Agnes was kicked off the Stop the War platform
> Palestine: strengthen the axis of resistance!
> Support Venezuela against imperialist-backed sabotage
> Cyber espionage row deepens inter-imperialist contradictions
> International speakers illustrate the battle for ideas in socialist China
> Fukushima – a global threat that requires a global response
> Panorama: ruthless terror of the British state revealed
> Theatre: Marx in Soho
> Industry matters: Grangemouth fall-out for unions
> Breadline Britain: the rise of the food banks
> Energy prices through the roof and rising

Proletarian, issue 56

October 2013 (Issue 56)

> Syria: Obomber loses the public debate
> No cooperation with capitalist austerity!
> Editorial: ProletarianTV
> From whistleblowing to revolution
> Central African Republic and the recolonisation of Africa
> Egypt: The overthrow of political Islam was the work of the masses themselves
> Progressive party persecuted in south Korea
> Left Unity: another Trotskyist attempt to mislead the working class
> Bourgeois justice, working-class injustice
> ‘Zero hours’ means 24-hours-a-day availability
> Birmingham meeting pledges solidarity with Syria and Korea
> Industry matters: persecuting the unemployed
> Fracking the world away?

Proletarian, issue 55

August 2013 (Issue 55)

> Turkish workers set a militant example
> Police, spies, surveillance and the capitalist state
> Syria: national steadfastness wins through
> Korea: 60 years of freedom!
> Industry matters: Miliband-McCluskey spat
> Industry matters around the world: Industrial relations, Beijing style
> Egypt: Morsi overthrown under mass pressure
> Compensation for Kenyan torture victims
> Capitalism, wages and exploitation
> Edward Snowden – a brave young idealist hounded by US imperialism
> Panama Canal monopoly under threat
> Red salute to Comrade Richard Mason
> Theatre: To Kill a Mockingbird
> Austerity, capitalism and the racist police state
> Murdoch's white-collar crime empire
> Obesity and malnutrition on the rise as poverty increases

Proletarian, issue 54

June 2013 (Issue 54)

> Syria stands firm
> Cyprus: another domino goes flying
> Editorial: The killing of Lee Rigby
> Former Guatemalan dictator convicted of genocide
> Nicolas Maduro victorious against Venezuelan opposition
> Bolivia strikes new blow against US imperialism
> Industry matters around the world: Iraqi oil workers on the front line again
> Industry matters: slave labour legal again
> Bangladeshi workers under attack
> Pakistan on the brink
> May Day in Colombo
> Raising the red flag on May Day
> Connecting the African and British struggles against imperialism
> Syria will not kneel down!
> Icelandic voters reject social democrats and the EU
> Can Labour lead a revolt against the cuts?

Proletarian, issue 53

April 2013 (Issue 53)

> Hugo Chávez: heroic and tireless internationalist revolutionary
> Axe the tax! Let the rich pay for their crisis!
> Editorial: Stop the War maintains deafening silence on Syria as the flames of war leap higher
> US stoking the flames of war in Korea
> Bradley Manning: a working-class hero
> Horsemeat and the joke of British ‘food standards’
> What did Leveson do for us?
> Industry matters: the crisis grinds on
> Blacklists: still hitting the fan
> ‘Councillors against the Cuts’: a health warning
> Labour sabotage in Harlow
> Major defeat for French workers
> Austerity leads to political gridlock in Italy
> Citizens’ revolution advances in Ecuador
> South Korean and Indian workers fight for union recognition

Proletarian, issue 52

February 2013 (Issue 52)

> NHS: death by a thousand cuts
> Syria: the inexorable escalation of imperialism’s criminal war
> Editorial: France wants to recolonise Mali
> DPRK rejects new sanctions
> Kim Jong Un: economic development, national reunification and anti-imperialism
> In Amenas attack: Algeria finishes what imperialism started
> What’s going on in Sri Lanka?
> Comments on the Delhi rape outrage
> Young internet pioneer hounded to suicide in the USA
> Venezuelan revolution advances amidst challenges
> Industry matters: Birmingham services to be decimated
> Industry matters: Renegotiating redundancy rights
> Industry matters: McCluskey, Hicks and the persistence of social-democratic illusions
> Industry matters: US dockworkers' strike postponed
> Industry matters: Corporate murder in Bangladesh
> The US economy - fiscal cliff and debt ceiling
> PSC: Palestine Safety-valve Committee?
> CIAid agencies
> Film: Django Unchained
> Film: The Kids Are Alright
> More fruitless austerity, more welfare cuts

Proletarian, issue 51

December 2012 (Issue 51)

> Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza met by renewed Palestinian resistance
> Europe in chains: lessons of the economic crisis
> Editorial: Obama’s re-election promises austerity at home and war abroad
> Industry matters: Blacklists in the dock
> Work for the pensions we have already earned? Drop dead milord!
> Industry matters: Greek resistance grows
> Historic victory for Palestine: another rejection of occupation
> Libya: Green resistance on the rise
> Letter from the Korean embassy
> Lessons of October for the builders of Britain's bolshevik party
> Stalin defies the Nazi invaders
> US and British war crimes in Afghanistan
> Book: Ten Mile Inn by David and Isabel Crook
> Letter from Comrade Isabel Crook in China
> Letter: Marxism and psychiatry
> Poem: Postgraduate Defending Her Lament
> Highlights of the CPGB-ML congress
> Scotland: a part of the British nation
> Imperialists threaten all-out war against Syria

Proletarian, issue 50

October 2012 (Issue 50)

> Terrorist atrocities mount in Syria
> Dismantling the NHS
> London riots vs London Olympics
> Marikana massacre: a turning point in South Africa
> Iran stands tall
> Israeli court denies responsibility for the murder of Rachel Corrie
> Ecuador takes a stand against the imperialist persecution of Assange
> Wonga watch
> Thalidomide scandal resurfaces
> ‘Grade deflation’ farce
> Foreign students targeted by latest immigration crackdown
> Industry matters: The hardest hit
> The Libor scandal
> Poem: Response to ‘A Postgraduate’s Lament’
> Book: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan
> Afghan resistance advancing to victory

Proletarian, issue 49

August 2012 (Issue 49)

> Syria: US imperialism sows the seeds for the next world war
> Cuban revolution still strong as it faces new challenges
> Editorial: Obscene levels of poverty and wealth
> Letter from a US comrade
> Godfrey Cremer: condolences from Chinese embassy
> Julian Assange: cyber-revolutionary or liberal do-gooder?
> Industry matters: Taking on capitalism
> Poem: 'A Postgraduate’s Lament'
> Charles Dickens, 1812-1870 – an appreciation
> Mexican people reject electoral fraud
> Constitutional coup topples progressive president in Paraguay
> Obituary: Teofilo ‘Pirolo’ Stevenson, 1952-2012
> Iran: undeclared war on all fronts
> The great British benefits rip-off

Proletarian, issue 48

June 2012 (Issue 48)

> Forget the jubilee, join the revolution!
> The Leveson inquiry
> Editorial: An example to us all
> The Kenya files
> The Malay files
> The Victorian origins of workfare
> Industry matters: Awkward squad limitations
> The masses of Europe fight back against austerity
> Remembering Comrade Godfrey Cremer
> Song for Godfrey
> Pyongyang celebrates
> Obama’s Afghan nightmare
> Hands off Syria!
> The conviction of Charles Taylor
> Mali conflicts threaten new imperialist intervention
> Egypt’s presidential elections
> Lithuania’s history up for grabs
> Crisis and resistance
> Ben Bella and Tomás Borge: heroes of the anti-imperialist struggle
> Hail the victory of the Palestinian hunger strikers!
> Victory for the media in the Dale Farm case

Proletarian, issue 47

April 2012 (Issue 47)

> Ireland to vote on EU rescue plans
> Imperialist frustration builds over Syria
> Editorial: The budget
> Industry matters: The class offensive intensifies
> How Kony 2012 hides the truth of imperialism in Africa
> The Muslim Brotherhood’s true colours
> Somali oil: black gold and imperial conquest
> Afghanistan: imperialism in panic-buy for an escape route
> Korea’s satellite – a tribute to a great leader
> Obituary: Godfrey Andries Cremer
> Poem for Godfrey
> Letter of condolence from South African comrades
> Kim Il Sung: 1912-1994
> Letter to Amnesty USA from an anti-war activist
> Campaign priority: Defend Azhar Ahmed
> Greetings from South Africa
> Stop the hypocrisy
> Letter: France prosecuting Palestine solidarity activists

Proletarian, issue 46

February 2012 (Issue 46)

> No cooperation with war against Iran
> Last chance to save the NHS
> Industry matters: The struggle against social-democratic misleadership
> Editorial: Socialism needed to save humanity
> Lessons of the murder of Stephen Lawrence
> Disbanding of the Gibson inquiry
> Release of 1981 Cabinet papers
> Police report recommends extreme measures against protestors
> Korean communists determined to maintain socialist road
> Syria: Assad looks East
> Libya: green flag raised in Bani Walid
> The genesis and development of modern finance capital
> Sean Garland wins extradition fight
> Egypt: the masses are still in Tahrir Square

Proletarian, issue 45

December 2011 (Issue 45)

> Syria war threat grows
> Eurogeddon
> Editorial: The spirit of Tahrir
> Imperialism steps up its moves to recolonise Africa
> Ethinic cleansing in Nato's 'new' Libya
> Industry matters: 30 November pensions strike
> Dale Farm: lessons to be learned
> Downton Abbey, the Jolly George and Stop the War
> Film: The Help
> Celebrating October: videos, a poem and a letter
> Letter: The BMA failure to ballot for strike action
> The Palestinian struggle forges ahead
> Imperialist warmongers set sights on Iran
> Communists and the struggle against imperialism
> Solidarity from a Turkish prison cell

Proletarian, issue 44

October 2011 (Issue 44)

> Support the Libyan resistance
> The longest depression ever
> Editorial: The Gleision tragedy
> 1911 special: Working-class struggles in Britain
> Uprisings terrify the ruling class
> Mr Morley and Mr Rahman (a tale of two sentences)
> Industry matters: NSSN on the uprisings
> Palestine: zionism in a hole and digging
> Kim Jong Il’s Russia visit: an all-round gain for the DPRK
> 1911 special: The first Chinese revolution
> 1911 special: General Giáp's hundredth birthday
> 75th anniversary of the formation of the International Brigades
> Workers back Chile’s student movement

Proletarian, issue 43

August 2011 (Issue 43)

> YOUTH UPRISING SUPPLEMENT: Bourgeois ideologues battle for control of the working-class movement
> YOUTH UPRISING SUPPLEMENT: Rage against capitalism
> YOUTH UPRISING SUPPLEMENT: Revolt is an example to emulate
> Nato’s war crimes in Libya
> Nemesis descends on the Murdoch empire
> Editorial: Lessons of the Norwegian tragedy
> On the question of communist unity
> Cuts and lay-offs as the crisis rolls on
> Wen Jiabao’s visit to Britain
> Industry matters: Combat Labour influence in the union movement and follow the Greek example
> Thai voters again rebuff military and elite
> Palestine: imperialist moves to bolster faltering zionist state
> Tunis, Cairo: the revolution is just beginning
> Letter: Syria coverage and US accusations of internet spying in China
> Anniversary greetings from Korean party
> China’s communists celebrate 90 years
> South Sudanese state is born
> ‘Greek crisis’: a crisis of world imperialism
> Benigno Aquino III bound to be swept away by the Filipino people in coming years

Proletarian, issue 42

June 2011 (Issue 42)

> The true face of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya
> Osama assassinated, but war continues
> Editorial: Palestine at heart of ‘Arab spring’
> The battle of Stokes Croft
> Loyalist bigots target Celtic manager
> Recent developments show economic crisis is deepening
> Palestine: unity is strength
> Goldstone backs down under pressure
> Defend Syria against imperialist aggression
> Worsening economic crisis sees violent repression escalate
> Death of reggae star Smiley Culture
> Industry matters: After the 26 March demo
> Book: Striking a Light, the Bryant and May Matchwomen
> Mumia’s death sentence overturned
> Leaks reveal more uncomfortable Guantánamo truths
> Bursaries established to help Palestinians study in Bristol
> Veteran leaders call for peace in Korea

Proletarian, issue 41

April 2011 (Issue 41)

> Hands off Libya!
> Capitalist system adds to misery of natural disaster in Japan
> Bahrain: Saudi mercenaries cannot stop the revolution
> Editorial: Marching against the cuts is just the beginning
> Industry matters: How the TUC 'leads' the proletariat - by the nose
> Immigration: the colour of money
> Crisis is bringing Britain to its knees as an imperial power
> In defence of multiculturalism
> Ireland’s new anti-people government
> TV: The Promise
> What is the PSC executive afraid of?
> Wisconsin workers give class lead in USA
> Ecuador: landmark victory over oil barons
> Seminar in Mexico reflects class struggle in Latin America
> Yemen: President Saleh shoots down his own people

Proletarian, issue 40

Februrary 2011 (Issue 40)

> Intifada in Tunisia
> One hundred years of International Women’s Day
> Savage cuts in progress
> Editorial: The Palestine papers
> World’s youth come together in South Africa
> Women's Day special: Made in Dagenham film review
> Industry matters: Build the shop stewards’ network
> Haiti still suffering under military occupation
> Belarusian presidential elections
> DPRK launches new-year peace offensive
> China’s improved defences
> Ivory Coast fights back
> Fuel poverty on the rise as poverty bites
> Gaza’s people at risk of genetic mutation
> Spanish communists persecuted in Barcelona
> Capitalism kills people in Britain, too
> Our revolutionary tasks at the present time

Proletarian, issue 39

December 2010 (Issue 39)

> Students lead the way with Millbank occupation
> KOREA Analysis: US and south Korean provocations heighten war danger
> Editorial: It’s the overproduction crisis, stupid
> Class war rising in France
> WikiLeaks strikes blow for truth on Iraq
> Industry matters: The cuts
> Letter: Why I’ve left Bectu to join the NUJ after seven years as a rep
> Stop the War conference votes for non-cooperation programme
> KOREA: Eye witness to socialism in Korea
> KOREA: Health care in north Korea
> KOREA: DPRK delegation report
> Syrian communists uphold the banner of Leninism in the Middle East
> Packed meeting marks October anniversary
> End of ‘right to buy’ in Scotland
> Letter: From an Australian comrade
> Film: Age of Extremes
> Ireland: the second European domino to fall
> Letters: Blood red remembrance poppies

Proletarian, issue 38

October 2010 (Issue 38)

> What will a real fight back look like?
> Palestine: one-state ‘solution’ the only possibility remaining
> Iraq’s ‘New Dawn’ hails new humiliations for US imperialism
> Editorial: Forget 'Red Ed'; take the fight to capitalism
> Venezuela: election endorses revolution
> Obituary: Lolita Lebron
> On the controversy over the Ground Zero 'mosque'
> Victory to the garment workers of Bangladesh!
> Drowning Pakistan
> Eye-witness to socialism in Korea
> BBC’s Panorama defends Israel’s flotilla massacre
> Victory to the Somali resistance!
> Forest fires in Russia
> Opposing the ‘liberation’ of the NHS
> BBC pensions battle concerns us all
> Cuts presage fast growing homelessness among the poor
> Theory: Mao’s ‘On practice’
> Beyond Hiroshima: the non-reporting of Fallujah’s cancer catastrophe
> Anti-war update: Iraq war ‘achievements’; Bradley Manning charged with Iraq leaks

Proletarian, issue 37

August 2010 (Issue 37)

> No justice for the Gaza protestors
> Afghanistan: wheels coming off Nato’s war machine
> Editorial: WikiLeaks and the Afghan war
> EDO decommissioners' victory: resisting war crimes is not a crime
> Film: South of the Border
> Industry matters: BA strikes, BBC pensions
> Poem: Impartiality
> No return to business as usual for an increasingly isolated zionist state
> Anti-war update: Glenton, Chilcot, Tomlinson
> US moves to threaten China as Cheonan farce collapses at UN
> Future generations must not pay for this capitalist crisis
> G20 protest: capitalism bares its teeth
> CPGB-ML holds successful congress
> The Saville report is a victory for the Irish people, and one more small step on the road to a united Ireland
> Congress motions 1: the way forward for our party during the economic crisis
> Congress motions 2: our international solidarity tasks

Proletarian, issue 36

June 2010 (Issue 36)

> Long live the martyrs of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla!
> Hands off Korea! The sinking of the Cheonan
> Editorial: Israel and apartheid: partners in nuclear terrorism
> Anti-war update: Joe Glenton, Guantanamo, torture
> Industry matters: International solidarity in Visteon and Rio Tinto disputes
> £20bn to be cut from the NHS annual budget
> Greece: capitalism on the back foot
> Victory for Sudanese president is slap in the face of imperialism
> From Blair Peach to Ian Tomlinson, the state continues to get away with murder
> US retains first-strike nuclear threat
> Guerrilla war looms in Thailand
> After the election: dangers and opportunities ahead
> Book: This Time We Went Too Far - Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion

Proletarian, issue 35

April 2010 (Issue 35)

> Don’t vote Labour!
> Joe Glenton: sentenced for refusing war crimes
> Editorial: The phoney budget
> Afghanistan: Operation Moshtarak
> Iraq: the struggle continues
> Zionist hit squad exposed
> Marx honoured in graveside ceremony
> Communist seminar in Mexico City
> Defend our NHS; save the Whittington A&E
> Defend public services: fight capitalism!
> The financial crisis and how it affects women
> Industry matters: Turkey; Greece; BA strikes; rail strikes; Cadburys; Hicks campaign
> Icelandic people reject debt slavery
> Theatre: Billy Elliot The Musical
> The Malvinas affair
> Red Youth Statement of Aims
> American trespasser interviewed in north Korea

Proletarian, issue 34

Februrary 2010 (Issue 34)

> Haiti: solidarity yes; occupation no!
> Viva Palestina 3 – zionists nil
> Editorial: Extremes of rich and poor in capitalist Britain
> Capitalists fail to tackle climate change at Copenhagen
> Obama and Brown: warmongers
> Tehran does not flinch
> Czech communists under threat
> Bring the war criminals to justice!
> Jack Shapiro lives forever in our hearts!
> Poem: Comrade Jack
> Jack speaks out against Israeli zionism
> New evidence of Korean War atrocities
> Korea calls to boost living standards and raise prestige of socialism
> Letter: Whose fault is the exchange of fire?
> Industry matters: BA - the strike that never happened
> Internet: new shot in the arm for US hegemony
> Film: Avatar
> Book: Dark Heart
> Remembering two comrades
> International friendship dinner
> Red Salute to Comrade Jyoti Basu
> ­The US-backed bombing of Yemen

Proletarian, issue 33

December 2009 (Issue 33)

> Free Joe Glenton! Jail the warmongers!
> Afghanistan: occupation not corruption is the real problem
> Editorial: This system is bankrupt
> More walls must fall
> ­The Andolan in Kathmandu and the revolution to follow
> Iraq: job done?
> Iran: US imperialism drops another rock on its feet
> The Vestas campaign
> Industry matters: Postal strikes suspended; deepening repression
> Labour racism is no answer to the BNP
> Play: The Power of Yes
> Brazilian communist party celebrates its 12th congress
> October Revolution: beacon lighting the way forward for all humanity
> Police are watching you!
> Letter: Tristram Hunt’s anti-communism (web only)
> Conditions of the working class: The elderly in care
> Support the December Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza!
> The Palestinian cause advances (web only)
> People first, not profit. Also in Europe! (web only)

Proletarian, issue 32

October 2009 (Issue 32)

> New China celebrates 60 years
> Afghanistan: the days of colonial occupation are numbered
> Editorial: Britain and France collude in Calais brutality
> Can the Green movement become a socialist movement?
> Capitalism fails Britain’s youth
> CPGB-ML greets China’s communists on anniversary
> Marx and Engels foresaw victory of Chinese revolution
> Industry matters: Capitalist assault upon the working class
> Juan Almeida Bosque, hero of the Cuban revolution
> Megrahi released in deal for oil
> My flower to Bush the occupier: the story of my shoe
> US health reform stifled by the Furies of Private Interest
> World War II: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
> Book: The Frock-Coated Communist, the Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels by Tristram Hunt *
> Iran weathers new provocations
> Education update: The recession hits public education

Proletarian, issue 31

August 2009 (Issue 31)

> Workers occupy Vestas as economic crisis deepens
> The Iranian election
> Editorial: Why we must support the Afghan resistance
> Industry matters: A "whiff of the 70s”?
> Migrant cleaners fight state repression
> Building Britain’s future? Decent homes for all!
> Disability benefits under attack
> Where is the Spirit of Humanity?
> No Balkanisation of China
> Viva Palestina US convoy makes it into Gaza
> Free Gaza boat hijacked by Israeli navy
> British imperialism sinking deeper into Afghan quagmire
> UK soldier to Gordon Brown: why I won’t return to Afghanistan
> UVF decommissioning
> The German Nazis committed the Katyn massacre
> Building support for Irish unity and self-determination
> Honduran masses resist fascist coup and support President Zelaya
> Say no to Islamophobia
> Oppose army recruitment for imperialist wars
> Letter: The real nature of zionism

Proletarian, issue 30

June 2009 (Issue 30)

> Economic commentators fiddling while Rome burns
> DPRK stands up to imperialist bullying
> Editorial: MPs’ expenses scandal reveals parasitic nature of the bourgeois parliament
> Swine flu: a product of capitalist piggery and greed
> Education update: Creationism on the rise
> The tasks facing our movement
> Racist countries attempt to sabotage anti-racist conference
> In memory of Comrade Helena Stevens
> Latin America defends Cuba and boosts socialist alternative
> South African masses foil imperialist attempt to split ANC
> Tiananmen anniversary
> Iraq: when is a withdrawal not a withdrawal?
> Pakistan and the US ‘war on terror’
> Pakistani students to be deported despite being found innocent of terror charges
> Anti-war movement calls for non-cooperation with war crimes
> Industry matters: "Political parties of the workplace"
> Brutal policing of G20 summit

Proletarian, issue 29

April 2009 (Issue 29)

> European ‘tiger’ economies collapsing
> History: The 1984/85 miners’ strike
> ‘Credit crunch’ or capitalist crisis?
> Editorial: Israel more isolated than ever as war crimes evidence mounts
> US fighting to stay on top
> The way forward for Pakistan
> Industry matters: Royal Mail; General Motors; Waterford
> Students in support of Gaza
> Taking a stand for Palestine – there is no alternative!
> Britain’s role in rendition
> The Stanford affair and Antigua
> Theory: Mao’s ‘On contradiction’
> Education update: Shifting the blame onto parents; Cambridge report issues devastating criticism
> EDO (ITT) arms manufacturer decommissioned for a day
> Resisting rationalisation on the railways (web only)
> Book: Imperialism and War

Proletarian, issue 28

February 2009 (Issue 28)

> Israel fails to crush Gaza
> The economic crisis deepens
> Editorial: the fight back begins
> Jean Charles de Menezes
> PFLP leader Ahmed Sa’adat sentenced to 30 years in prison
> Gaza demos: police step up repression against protestors
> CPGB-ML meeting against the zionist attack on Gaza
> Iraq: will Obama’s ‘change’ be more of the same?
> Greek party to debate reasons for the collapse of socialism in the USSR
> New revelations highlight imperialist atrocities against the Korean people
> DPRK sets economic and military priorities for 2009
> Cuba shows lowest ever infant mortality rate
> Industry matters: no capitalist ‘solution’ for capitalist crisis
> New Year social: report, photos and video
> Education update: scholasticide in Gaza
> Remembering departed comrades
> Europe shivers in gas war

Proletarian, issue 27

December 2008 (Issue 27)

> Cuba special: 50 years of revolution
> Economic crisis: no escape under capitalism
> Obama’s victory and its significance
> Editorial: Mumbai terror attacks
> Industry matters: chickens home to roost
> Education update: segregated schools, SATs scrapped for 14-year-olds
> Uphold the banner of October!
> CPGB-ML meets Vietnamese Party delegation
> Thieves fall out: crisis exacerbates inter-imperialist contradictions
> Celebrating the 100th birthday of Enver Hoxha
> Theory: the dictatorship of the proletariat
> Book: Strange Liberators
> Letter: Fight for communism
> Congo: still struggling for independence

Proletarian, issue 26

October 2008 (Issue 26)

> Financial hurricane leaves Ike in the shade
> Use the power: stop the war
> Editorial: China explores space while the capitalist world economy crumbles
> Prachanda becomes first prime minister of Nepali republic
> Gaza: break the siege, oppose the occupation
> China’s Olympic triumph
> Bolivian people fight to defend their gains
> CPGB-ML builds solidarity with Miami Five
> Education update: SATs fiasco, tests for under 5s, university privatisation
> Conditions for the working class in 21st century Britain: Health
> 40th Anniversary of Olympic ‘Black Power’ Salute
> Olmert admits: ‘Israel must withdraw’
> Film: Sicko
> Fred Hampton, 1948-1969
> 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK
> Obituary: Harkishan Singh Surjeet
> Industry matters: Scottish strikes, Coventry farce, Tube cleaners' victory
> Letter: Centenary of the state pension
> Global consequences of failed Ossetian invasion

Proletarian, issue 25

August 2008 (Issue 25)

> CPGB-ML congress calls for an end to immigration control
> Spirited rally launches Hands off China campaign
> Hands off China
> Food crisis: writing on the wall for Imperialism
> CPC expresses thanks for earthquake condolences
> Mongolia frustrates imperialist-backed regime change
> Labour threatens a new colonial war
> CPGB-ML congress marks political and organisational advance
> CPGB-ML party congress expresses solidarity with people in struggle and makes plans for future work (full text of congress resolutions)
> EU immigration law
> Labour’s meltdown and the crisis of revisionism
> STOP PRESS: Glasgow workers reject Labour
> Raking over the coals of the SLP
> Adams launches latest stage of Irish reunification campaign
> NHS: Labour sharpens the privatisation knife
> Education update: The ‘national challenge’, WMD schools and Uni fees to double
> Resistance 2008: international youth festival in Athens
> Black propaganda: imperialist lies about Zimbabwe

Proletarian, issue 24

June 2008 (Issue 24)

> Welcome the Republic of Nepal!
> China resolute in face of earthquake disaster
> Editorial: Crisis of revisionism
> Industry matters: Continuing public-sector skirmishes, May Day and fake internationalism
> Dirty tricks at Bectu conference over anti-Labour motion
> Feed the world? Overthrow imperialism
> Zimbabwe election update
> Resistance in Somalia gaining strength
> Opposition desperate to weaken MAS advances in Bolivia
> ‘Land of the free’ is a prison of nations
> Mumia Abu Jamal
> Burma: imperialists exploit natural disaster to promote regime change
> CPGB-ML pays tribute to earthquake victims
> Obituary: Brian Keenan
> The matchgirls’ strike of 1888
> Report: International communist seminar in Brussels
> 35th anniversary celebration of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines
> Education update: Social measures to be added to Ofsted rating
> On the local government elections
> The truth about Labour: war crimes, pay cuts and privatisation
> CPGB-ML urges international seminar to remain vigilant as class struggle intensifies

Proletarian, issue 23

April 2008 (Issue 23)

> Stop the War Coalition retracts reactionary Tibet statements
> Hands off Zimbabwe!
> Economic crisis: the dance of death
> Editorial: Tibet
> Israel threatens ‘holocaust’ in Gaza
> Cyprus elects communist president
> Pakistan’s election and its likely consequences
> Industry matters: the deepening crisis
> Solidarity meeting supports Korean revolution
> Colombian people’s army fights on despite setbacks
> Long live Fidel Castro!
> Privatisation and fragmentation of the NHS has resulted in a debt that we continue to service
> Letter: Philip Lawrence was no saint
> Letter: Reply to Finsbury Communist
> Letter: Communist Party membership
> Education update: school and university teachers to strike
> Kosovo: declaration of a Nato state

Proletarian, issue 22

February 2008 (Issue 22)

> Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and its ramifications
> Industry matters: economic troubles
> Editorial: Global stock market crash
> Is the US really ‘turning the corner’ in Iraq?
> End the siege of Gaza
> Nepali parliament votes for republic
> Taiwan voters strike blow for reunification
> Korea resists imperialist blackmail
> Korea puts forward its fighting tasks
> Forward march of The Philippines’ people’s war
> Education update: widening gap between rich and poor
> Film: Taking Liberties
> Film: The Kite Runner
> Stand united against intimidation
> Report: New Year social
> Letter: Immigration policy fuels racism and keeps workers divided
> Use the present lull to prepare for future storms
> Bali: no comfort for imperialism
> Kenya: a crisis of neo-colonialism
> Japanese Star Wars test

Proletarian, issue 21

December 2007 (Issue 21)

> Palestine: the farce of Annapolis
> Narrow defeat for Chávez’s new constitution
> Pakistan: military dictatorship on the way out
> Editorial: Defend the Hungarian communists
> Update from the Nepalese revolution
> October Revolution celebrated
> Book: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
> Poem: The Sword
> Letter: Boycott US goods
> Let us learn to be more like Che
> Cadbury’s closure
> Industry matters: demolition of Royal Mail
> On the seventeenth national congress of the Communist Party of China
> CPGB-ML greets Chinese party congress
> China launches moon exploration rocket launch
> Korea: new north-south declaration

Proletarian, issue 20

October 2007 (Issue 20)

> US banging the drums of war against Iran
> Northern Rock a casualty of capitalist madness
> Editorial: No to imperialist interference in Iran
> Comment: Learco Chindamo
> Iraq: US troop ‘surge’ a total failure
> Slave labour used to build new fortress in Baghdad
> Education update: Workfare, fingerprinting and PFI profiteering
> Industry matters: Winter of discontent?
> More British war crimes at Porton Down
> Communist Party of Greece achieves successes in elections
> Nepalese revolution faces fresh challenges
> Belarus struggles to defend workers’ interests
> CPGB-ML honours Comrade Jack Shapiro
> CPGB-ML celebrates birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh
> Bhagat Singh inspired by Irish freedom struggle
> Building a revolutionary party – the Korean experience
> Art exhibition marks Korean party anniversary
> Poem: I Wonder If Those Days Are Coming Back
> Theory: Capitalism and crisis
> Support the postal workers’ strike and condemn the sabotage of Royal Mail
> Jose Maria Sison is released, but the struggle for his rights still needs support

Proletarian, issue 19

August 2007 (Issue 19)

> Judgment of European Court is a victory for the cause of justice (web only)
> Gordon Brown – Tweedledee’s turn
> Israel stares into the abyss
> Venezuela: progress report
> Editorial: Time running out for imperialism
> DPRK faces down imperialism at six-party talks
> Industry matters: Shop Stewards’ Network
> Free speech under serious threat
> Support the postal workers
> Iraq and Afghanistan: the temperature for imperialism reaching boiling point
> Book: Imperialism, the Eve of the Social Revolution of the Proletariat
> Ireland roundup
> ‘Reconciliation’ conference unlikely to secure imperialist interests in Somalia
> In Memory of Comrade Pat Coulton - a lifelong communist
> Spanish shipbuilders’ struggle

Proletarian, issue 18

June 2007 (Issue 18)

> Support the Palestinian unity government
> Iraq: history renders its verdict
> Editorial: more imperialist meddling in Lebanon
> Elections 2007
> Tanzania’s water scandal
> Imperialist-inspired bloodbath in Somalia
> African countries support Zimbabwe
> Czech people oppose US’s missile plans
> Eastern Europe round-up
> Sarkozy wins French election
> Venezuela: oil nationalisation project completed
> Why the Virginia Tech shootings happened
> Industry matters: Labour leadership debacle
> CPGB-ML signs up to Pyongyang Declaration
> ‘Victories and defeats’ in the motor industry
> Sign of the times: Bectu dumbs down its defence of the indefensible
> Anti-Musharraf riots in Pakistan
> India celebrates 150 years since First War of Independence
> Afghanistan: resistance to occupation gains strength
> Roisin McAliskey persecuted again
> Historic moments for Ireland thanks to the skill and tenacity of Sinn Féin
> Elections in Nigeria

Proletarian, issue 17

April 2007 (Issue 17)

> Hands off Iran
> Editorial: Latest research puts Iraqi death toll at one million
> Industry matters: Airbus, Norgren, Corus cuts
> Defend Zimbabwe
> Nepalese comrade speaks in London
> Condemn US-Ethiopian aggression against Somalia
> Bird flu: spread by capitalist greed
> Slave trade abolition bicentennial: an exercise in whitewashing
> Jack Gaster, 1907-2007
> Book: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
> Poem: England Arise
> Paisleyites outmanoeuvred as ‘devolution’ returns to the six counties

Proletarian, issue 16

February 2007 (Issue 16)

> Eye-witness to socialism: school education in Cuba
> Chávez victory paves the way for fresh progress
> Editorial: Jade Goody is a product of capitalist society
> The Miami Five: defiant victims of US injustice
> Stop the War Coalition cowardice as Iraq war anniversary approaches
> Saddam Hussein: martyr of the Iraqi resistance
> Condemn US-Ethiopian aggression against Somalia
> Theory: Imperialism in the Middle East
> China: new legislation not to the liking of western corporations
> Workers’ rights and bourgeois law
> Chinese space missile challenges US space supremacy
> Industry matters: Strike in the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS)
> Obituary: Michael Balchin
> Letter: Arthur Scargill and council housing
> Sinn Fein membership approves moves on policing

Proletarian, issue 15

December 2006 (Issue 15)

> Iraq: imperialism heading for a crushing defeat
> McDonnell’s Labour leadership bid
> Editorial: it is the people who are really powerful
> Mid-term elections USA
> Housing: the glamour of wealth disguises its crime
> Industry matters: trade-union militancy on the rise?
> Slanders against Zimbabwe in the press
> Eye witness to socialism: report from Korea
> Prague Conference against Anti-Communism
> Theory: The October Revolution
> Film: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for …
> Upsurge of anti-imperialist nationalism in Latin America continues
> Nepal: people's war victorious
> Slanders against Zimbabwe in the press (web only)

Proletarian, issue 14

October 2006 (Issue 14)

> In place of security, the loss of civil liberties
> Iraq and Afghanistan: imperialism advances deeper into the quagmire
> Editorial: British foreign policy and the veil
> It’s more than Blair that has to go!
> Ye Squaddies of Olde Englande
> Closure of Ryton – organise to attack
> Poem: Of Mine and Me
> Industry matters: Closure of LG Electronics in Newport
> 30 years since the Grunwick strike
> CPGB-ML delegation to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
> Lebanon: with the victory of Hizbollah a terrible beauty is born
> Book: Searching For Everardo: A Story of Love, War and the CIA in Guatemala
> Letter: Capitalism is bad for workers’ health
> Cuban socialism standing firm
> Gate Gourmet – workers’ courage and so-called leaders’ treachery (web only)
> Spain: dismembering history (web only)

Proletarian, issue 13

August 2006 (Issue 13)

> Victory to the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon!
> Forest Gate: botched ‘terror raid’ claims more innocent victims
> Editorial: World Cup fever
> Iraq: occupation becoming increasingly desperate
> Dunlop falls prey to imperialist depredations
> End in sight for National Health Service
> Support the just stance of the DPRK
> Strive for unity between the anti-war movement in Britain and the resistance forces in Iraq
> Industry matters: Report to second party congress
> Darfur: oil and hypocrisy
> Life in Iraq, before and after invasion (web only)

Proletarian, issue 12

June 2006 (Issue 12)

> Iran bourse and the fall of the greenback
> Editorial: Lessons of the British General Strike
> Labour's routing in the 4 May council elections
> Race hate attacks on the rise in Russia
> Bolivia moves towards energy nationalisation
> Montenegro's independence ‘vote’ is foul play
> Iraq: resistance giving a bloody nose to Anglo-American imperialism
> Collective punishment will not crush the Palestinian resistance
> Report: May Day in London 2006
> History: Bobby Sands, Irish liberation hero
> Immigration clampdown by US ruling class
> Political calendar
> Royal Mail sets collision course with postal workers’ union
> Industry matters: railway pensions dispute
> Victorious gains of the Nepalese revolution
> History: The British General Strike
> The May Day march

Proletarian, issue 11

April 2006 (Issue 11)

> Education for sale
> Kadima wins shallow victory in Israeli elections
> Anglo-American imperialism caught between a rock and a hard place in Iraq
> Editorial: Latest attempt to rewrite the Good Friday Agreement
> Genocide and WMD in Iraq
> Milosevic murdered at the Hague
> Cartoon wars
> Eyewitness report from Belarus
> Birth of Kim Il Sung
> Guantanamo abuses continue
> The housing hydra
> Poem: Comrade Bhagat Singh and Comrade Udham Singh
> History: Bhagat Singh, revolutionary martyr
> Industry matters
> Gate Gourmet workers bravely fight on
> Work Your Proper Hours Day
> Letter: Expose the sham of social democracy
> Letter: Iranian bus workers and the British unions
> Theory: The dictatorship of the proletariat
> Theory: Letter to a comrade overcome by pessimism
> Repression at home: freedom of speech next?
> International Women’s Day, 8 March
> Arsenal signs deal with Israel

Proletarian, issue 10

February 2006 (Issue 10)

> EU prepares for crackdown on communism
> Landslide victory for Hamas in PA election
> WTO meeting: a raw deal for poor countries
> Editorial: ‘State of the Union’ address reflects imperialist demoralisation
> EU anticommunism: equating the victims with the aggressors, the heroes with the criminals
> Butcher of Sabra and Shatila on his deathbed
> Rigged elections and trials in Iraq can only strengthen the resistance
> Guantanamo –a focus on imperialist brutality
> Peace conference organisers get more than they bargained for
> Unions’ response to pension crisis
> Railway privatisation – an insider’s view
> Industry matters: Fabian dreams
> Letter: No amount of welfare can fix the problems capitalism creates
> Letter: No limits on solidarity
> DPRK: New Year editorial
> The great pensions robbery
> Ireland: Top tout out

Proletarian, issue 9

December 2005 (Issue 9)

> France: riots point to burgeoning unrest in imperialist heartlands
> US defeat at Americas summit
> Editorial
> A sick system: children’s mental illness on the rise in Britain
> Iraq: resistance unbowed
> No to imperialist intervention in Iran
> Channel 4 Dispatches: the case against North Korea does not stand up
> Film: The Constant Gardener
> Film: The Rising - Ballad of Mangal Panday
> Industry matters: Workers’ rights
> Report: October Revolution celebration
> Niger: famine in the midst of plenty

Proletarian, issue 8

October 2005 (Issue 8)

> Hurricane Katrina: an object lesson in imperialist logic and humanity
> Iraq: imperialism exposed
> Editorial: British agents exposed; DPRK nuclear talks; Gate Gourmet settlement; London anti-war march
> The housing problem
> Famine in Niger
> 60 years of Korean socialism
> Palestine: Gaza withdrawal brings fresh challenges
> Education update
> Asylum seekers: bogus scapegoats of a failed system
> Industry matters
> Cheap and dirty: pet
> 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, Venezuela, August 2005
> Letter: Unite against fascism
> IRA disarms as loyalists fight British state on its behalf
> Karl Marx? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

Proletarian, issue 7

August 2005 (Issue 7)

> London bombings
> Repression: Further moves towards a police state
> Editorial: Imperialism in crisis
> Iraq: an unwinnable war
> AFRICA: Chimurenga! The liberation struggle in Zimbabwe
> AFRICA Culture: The Poisonwood Bible
> Incapacity benefit under attack
> Industry matters: 2005 Trade Union conferences 'round up'
> Theory: Lenin on party building
> Report: CPGB-ML second party congress
> Report: Korea meeting
> AFRICA Analysis: Africans need true independence not imperialist 'charity'

Proletarian, issue 6

June 2005 (Issue 6)

> Iraqi patriotic forces keep imperialism pinned down
> Election analysis: social democracy exposed
> Editorial: Growing unrest in the imperialist heartlands
> Industry matters: Corporate manslaughter
> Power grows out of the barrel of a gun
> The European Constitution
> Nepal - People's war goes from strength to strength.
> Rover collapse: another lesson about the nature of capitalism
> Working conditions at Peugeot
> Analysis: The Green Party
> Poem: What peace is there?
> Report: International communist seminar in Brussels
> Report: Sun’s Day celebration at Saklatvala Hall
> Greetings to the heroic Vietnamese liberation forces, 30 years on

Proletarian, issue 5

April 2005 (Issue 5)

> Victory to the Iraqi resistance!
> A vote for Labour or Tory is a vote for racism and internal suppression at home and endless war abroad
> Editorial: Election fever
> Down with US meddling in the affairs of Syria and Lebanon!
> Palestine negotiations take cautious steps forward
> Report of the Stop the War Coalition conference
> Save humanity: the ticking time bomb of climate change
> 'Communists' do the Labour Party's bidding yet again
> Film: Control Room
> Industry matters: Labour attack public sector pension schemes
> An island built on coal … wasted
> Report: Public meeting in support of Zimbabwe
> Celebration of Korean Spring Holiday
> Letters: fascism on the rise
> Letters: Band Aid and the miners' strike
> Ireland: The demonisation of republicans escalates
> Still no justice for Agent Orange victims
> Meddlers not wanted in Iraq
> IRA Easter message
> Martin McGuinness address at Sinn Fein conference
> Book: The Communist Party of France - Manifesto, with an introduction by Harry Pollitt

Proletarian, issue 4

February 2005 (Issue 4)

> Thirty liberated cities: The truth about the Iraqi resistance
> Iraqi resistance statement - video and text
> The Indian Ocean tsunami: a natural disaster?
> Guanatanamo Bay: US has feet of clay
> Editorial: Harry and the Nazis
> Defend socialist Cuba!
> Conscientious objector: ‘On behalf of those who are still quiet’
> Israeli land grab
> Palestine election: Abbas stands firm
> Israeli banks hush up holocaust cash scandal
> Congo: the struggle continues
> Culture: False consciousness needs false controversies
> Theory: Lenin's What Is To Be Done?
> Industry matters: Government backs down on corporate manslaughter law
> Report: Swedish KPMLr congress
> Letter: Defend Zimbabwe
> Letter: Support the Iraqi national resistance!
> ‘IRA’ bank raid: Hugh do you think you’re kidding?

Proletarian, issue 3

December 2004 (Issue 3)

> Fallujah: a nail in the coffin of the occupation
> Editorial: Imperialist agenda in Ukraine
> Education: Geography an indicator of decay
> A decent pension is a right for all
> Industry matters: Trade unionism and opportunist social chauvinism
> Trade union wolves in sheep’s clothing
> Environment: Kyoto finally brought into effect
> Industrial: Construction trouble - CIS vs PAYE?
> Culture: The art of mobilising the masses
> Band Aid: Feed the world? Just stop robbing the world
> Report: Solidarity with ZANU-PF, champions of African independence
> Statement: We salute Arafat’s life, we mourn his death
> Hands off Cuba! End the occupation of Guantanamo Bay
> US elections: a terrible loss?
> Colombia: Just say No to imperialism!
> Salute to Lalkar
> Theory: The need for conscious party discipline
> Jaguar closure: livelihoods destroyed in the interests of profit

Proletarian, issue 2

October 2004 (Issue 2)

> Iraq: resistance gains unstoppable momentum
> Editorial: Crocodile tears for Ken Bigley
> Why do we need a new party?
> Industry matters: A radical third term for Labour?
> Break the link with Labour
> Return of the new Iskra
> Mark Thatcher: oil snatcher!
> Massive gains for people's war in Nepal
> Venezuela - part of the Latin American struggle to break the imperialist stranglehold
> Theory: The three contradictions of imperialism
> Ireland in the spotlight
> Film: The Motorcycle Diaries

Proletarian, issue 1

August 2004 (Issue 1)

> Iraq: the occupation continues
> Editorial: A new party
> Formation of the CPGB-ML
> An exposure of the shameful, unconstitutional and anti-communist behaviour of Arthur Scargill and his flunkeys
> Labour calls coppers on housing protesters
> 'Reclaiming' Labour
> CPGB-ML founding conference
> Theory: The crisis of overproduction and the price of oil
> Zionism plunges to new depths, but Palestinian resistance refuses to be quashed
> Film: Fahrenheit 9/11
> Darfur: The scramble for Africa’s oil

(Issue 0)