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Proletarian issue 27 (December 2008)
Letter: Fight for communism
While our industries close or relocate abroad for cheaper labour, our unemployment rises, fuel and energy bills rocket and the housing crisis threatens the security of our people. Life in the fourth-richest economy in the world gets worse.

Many people in despair turn to drink or drugs, causing more misery for themselves and our society. The worldwide economic depression and the constant threat of resource wars by the US and Britain drain our finances, leading to more cut backs in public spending.

Meanwhile, big business profits soar to new heights, especially the profits of ex-public utilities and arms manufacturers.

In the past, the vast profits from the slave trade financed the industrial revolution and made Britain the workshop of the world. Now finance capital speculates to make a profit: oil, property, food etc are commodities to be gambled with worldwide and the emerging crises of hunger, homelessness, unemployment, poverty and wars are the price paid by the working class worldwide.

The unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused the deaths of millions and reduced those countries to piles of rubble. The Pentagon says that it has troops in 147 countries; it uses million-dollar cruise missiles to kill and maim civilians in its quest for world domination.

Meanwhile, in the US, 45 percent of people have no health care provision and 37 million people live in poverty – certainly no advert for successful capitalism. In Britain, and the other five richest countries, similar inequalities hold true.

As for the rest of the world, the UN estimates that, out of six and a quarter billion people worldwide, two thirds live in poverty.

Across the world, people are resisting the tyranny of capitalism and making a stand for their human rights: the right to a job, a home, education, health care and culture; the right to be heard.

Capitalism has failed humanity. Join the resistance and fight for socialism and communism.

DC, Swansea
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