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Proletarian issue 11 (April 2006)
Genocide and WMD in Iraq

Iraqi population in 2003: 24.4 million (about double that of the Greater London area)

Iraqis killed during first war in 1991: 135,000

Iraqis killed by sanctions, 1991-2003:    1,500,000

Iraqis killed since 2003 invasion: 250,000


That's 7 1/2 percent of the population. And rising. It’s more than the entire population of northern Ireland, or roughly equivalent to 900,000 Londoners being killed.

To put that in perspective, less than 400,000 British people were killed altogether during WW2 (307,700 soldiers, 61,700 civilians).

Weapons of mass destruction

Number of buildings undamaged by assault on Fallujah: NONE

Number of civilians killed in Fallujah: UNKNOWN, but for some reason it's left out of all studies on civilian casualties in Iraq.

CHEMICAL WEAPONS (napalm, white phosphorous): used all over, but most intensively and famously in Fallujah.

NUCLEAR WEAPONS (depleted uranium-tipped missiles): used in both attacks on Iraq, first in the southern desert regions, second time round in centres of heavy population all over the country. Simple Geiger counters have registered radiation levels at more than 1,900 times the normal background level in parts of Baghdad, a city that is home to six million people.

Numbers killed by poisoning and cancers caused by depleted uranium: unknown.

Currently, cancer rates are rising rapidly. More than 50 percent of cancer patients in Iraq today are children under the age of five and cancer levels are expected to reach catastrophic levels by the end of the decade.

Numbers of children born with birth defects have increased by more than 10 times and are still rising.

Acute malnutrition among young children has doubled from 4 to 8 percent since the invasion. Approximately 400,000 Iraqi children now suffer from malnutrition, which leads to stunted physical growth, as well as irreparably retarded mental development. Affected children are vulnerable to other diseases and infections, including pneumonia and gastroenteritis.

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