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Proletarian issue 63 (December 2014)
Hands off Ukraine
The following motion was passed at the recent CPGB-ML party congress.
This congress notes:

(a) that Anglo-American imperialism has taken a leading role in first engineering and then sanitising the illegal subversion and overthrow in March of the former elected government of the Ukraine under President Yanukovych, and its replacement by an unelected junta composed of plutocrats and fascists;

(b) that the junta speedily signed up to the European Association agreement earlier turned down by the elected authority, thereby delivering the country into economic bondage and its people into poverty and insecurity and revealing itself to be the craven instrument of imperialist interests;

(c) that the people of the Crimea, by voting en masse in a referendum, rejected the illegal authority of Kiev and expressed their democratic will to federate with Russia, enabling the region to undo the folly of its earlier estrangement at the hands of the revisionist traitor Khrushchev in 1954;

(d) that the people of Lugansk and Donetsk in turn, sooner than submit to rule by pogromists and jew-baiters, voted in referenda rejecting the illegal authority of Kiev and establishing twin democratic republics;

(e) that the quisling president, Poroshenko, has declared war on ‘his own people’, launching a murderous assault upon the liberated areas, flattening entire towns, claiming the lives of thousands and forcing thousands more to flee for safety to the Rostov area of Russia.

This congress recognises that, despite the great initial superiority in both weaponry and numbers enjoyed by the armed forces under Kiev command, this advantage may prove temporary, judging both from the militias’ growing success in encircling sections of the army and relieving them of their weapons and from the widening disaffection of the regular army with Poroshenko’s dirty war.

Congress further recognises that President Putin, correctly understanding that the civil war imposed upon Ukraine by imperialist meddling is a dagger aimed at Russia herself (in line with the Anglo-American strategy to contain and neutralise both Russia and China), has refused to offer the warmongers any pretext to widen the conflict and calmly rebutted each renewed attempt to manufacture one.

Congress believes that the economic war being threatened against Russia through the imposition of sanctions has for its first fruits the emergence of divisions within the imperialist camp itself, both between Europe and the US and within Europe itself, over who has to make the biggest trade-war sacrifice.

This congress denounces imperialist meddling in Ukraine and is honoured to send a red salute to the defence militias of Donetsk and Lugansk, recognising them as worthy successors of the red partisans who sacrificed everything to defeat fascism back in the days of the Great Patriotic War. May they succeed in crushing the Banderist ghouls stirred to life once more as imperialist crisis tips the world back into fascism, slump and war.

This congress believes that their struggle is not a private affair, but that of all progressive humanity.

This congress therefore resolves to raise the need for solidarity with Donetsk and Lugansk in the working class at large, as part of our wider campaign of non-cooperation with all of imperialism’s criminal wars.
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