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Proletarian issue 5 (April 2005)
Letters: fascism on the rise
The following letter was sent by a reader in response to the editorial on fascism in Proletarian No 4 (Feb/Mar).
Dear Comrade

The year 2005 not only brings us the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, it is also the 60th anniversary of the massacre at Dresden.

The media has not ignored the slaughter at Dresden but it is active in trying to present this horror as a necessary evil for bringing the war to a speedy end. This move must be countered and the real reason for Dresden has to be exposed.

We musty forever be demonstrating that fascism is not just Hitler; it is not only jackboots, nor is it only concentration camps. Certainly fascism was not installed in Germany for the purpose of killing all the jews; remember, the first concentration camp victims were the communists and the trade unionists. The essence of fascism is this: when international finance capital can no longer rule by persuasion it turns to coercion.

Fascism is not new and since the disintegration of the Soviet Union it has been spreading, without shame, like a plague around the world.

Nuclear weapons leave us all in awe, yet they diminish in every way compared with the power of the media, which grows daily more powerful and is controlled by fewer and fewer hands.

Our task is enormous but the earth is large and its people can be magnificent.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes

W Hunt-Vincent, Sunderland
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