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Proletarian issue 7 (August 2005)
Report: Korea meeting
Celebration of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War unites supporters of the Korean revolution
On 27 July 1953, the Korean people won a great victory against US imperialism and its 15 allies, who had for three years waged an all-out war of aggression against them in their bid to stamp out communism. To mark the 52nd anniversary of this victory, a celebratory meeting was held at Saklatvala Hall in Southall, West London. The meeting was called jointly by the CPGB-ML and the Society for Friendship with Korea, and attracted several organisations and individuals anxious to respond to the earnest plea of our Korean friends that we should unite for the purpose of our work in support of Korea and thereby make that work all the more effective.

Speeches were made recalling the horrors of the barbarity unleashed by imperialism on the DPRK, the Korean people's heroic resistance, the great military leadership given by Comrade Kim Il Sung and the comradely assistance rendered by the volunteers from the People's Republic of China and by the Soviet Union. Above all, the speakers emphasised the inspiration drawn by the oppressed people all over the world from the Korean people's great victory, which showed that with ideological unity and correct leadership it is possible for even a small, weak nation to defeat the terrible armed might of US imperialism and its allies.

Speakers included Zane Carpenter of the CPGB-ML, Michael Chant of the RCPB-ML, John Macleod of Cuba Solidarity, Ella Rule and Dermot Hudson of the Society for Friendship with Korea, Keith Bennett, and the guest of honour, Comrade Ha Sin Guk, counsellor from the London embassy of the DPRK. The meeting was chaired by Harpal Brar, chairman of the CPGB-ML.

The audience warmly applauded speakers as they made the point that only the DPRK's possession of nuclear weapons prevents imperialism from unleashing another war of attempted extermination on it, and called for Korea to be allowed to proceed towards reunification without interference from foreign powers.

Following the meeting, a preparatory committee was formed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Workers Party of Korea next October. The committee is committed to inviting all friends of Korea to become involved in preparing for this important celebration. While respecting each other's different points of view, it is essential that we unite wherever we are in agreement in order the more effectively to carry out our anti-imperialist work. If, in order to score points against each other, we refuse to work together in such campaigns, only imperialism can benefit.

Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il, along with every other great leader of revolutionary masses, stressed this point again and again. It is up to us to put it into practice.
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