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Proletarian issue 47 (April 2012)
Poem for Godfrey
by Ella Rule
We thought that Godfrey’d gone away
Although we’d begged him please to stay
“There’s so much work, death’s not your fate
Without your help the load’s too great!”

How will we print the papers and leaflets?
How will we know the place to meet?
Who will support us when we’re down?
Who’ll make sure we’ve got what we need?

Who will correct us when we’re in a muddle?
Who will make sure we study and read?
Who will be ready with a smile and a joke?
How can the Party from now on proceed?

But Godfrey hasn’t lived and fought in vain.
He’s transferred himself into the fabric of being
Of every comrade he knew and inspired
And he lives on inside us without our seeing.

He’ll always be there to give us guidance,
To spur us on to work a bit harder
To gently tease us out of despondence
To share his love, his wisdom, his laughter.

We will hear his voice from deep inside
If ever we think there is time to skive
If we think we can’t follow his selfless devotion
If picking up his baton seems an impossible notion,

If we run from our duty to serve the working class
And stop striving to build competent leadership
If we stray away from revolution’s path
In search of cheap popularity and hero worship

Be sure he will notice and he will care
And his voice will follow us everywhere:
“I may be gone but I’m not forgotten;
And if you don’t pull your weight, I’ll bother you rotten”.

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