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Proletarian issue 6 (June 2005)
Report: Sun’s Day celebration at Saklatvala Hall
The CPGB-ML were honoured to be asked by the embassy of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) to organise a public meeting to celebrate Sun’s Day (the birthday of Kim Il Sung) on 15 April. The event was lively, with plenty of people from many organisations present to meet with our guests of honour from the Korean Embassy.

The meeting was chaired by Harpal Brar (CPGB-ML Chairman), who introduced the speakers and made a very well received contribution himself. Messages of solidarity were delivered by Stuart McDonald (RCPB-ML), Zane Carpenter (CPGB-ML General Secretary) and Ella Rule (CPGB-ML International Secretary and Secretary of the Society for Friendship with Korea, SFK), after which, a stirring speech was made by Comrade Ha Sin Guk (2nd Secretary, Embassy of the DPRK).

The speeches referred to points in the life of comrade Kim Il Sung and the DPRK, making special mention of the need and desirability for oppressed peoples to appreciate and defend their own culture while condemning the moves by workers in imperialist countries to defend the attempts of their own imperialists to enforce cultural domination. References were made to the many national liberation struggles that owed a debt to the teachings of Kim Il Sung and the Korean people, and virtually every speaker stressed the obvious fact that, without weapons of mass destruction, Korea would already have been the victim of a military attack by the imperialists. It was noted a number of times that, if the imperialists had the right to nuclear weapons to intimidate the world (which is exactly what they do have them for), then socialist Korea had the right to nuclear weapons to defend itself and keep the aggressors at bay.

The speeches were followed by a social, with food and drink, in the convivial surroundings of Saklatvala Hall, where guests also had the opportunity to look at an exhibition of posters and photographs illustrating 60 years of the DPRK’s revolutionary history.
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